Sailing Yacht TV Magazine. Wednesday, 5 March I am curious about the result. October 6, On Sunday morning October 6, everything was set. Her education was conducted through the Wereldschool Worldschool , an educational institution that provided her with material for self-learning. Martin aus brach sie auf. Dekker has Dutch, German, and New Zealand citizenship.

Shortly before the premiere of Maidentrip in the spring of , Laura wrote on her own web page that she was dissociating herself from the movie. The planned route started from Portugal westwards, to cruise the Caribbean and then to go through Panama and past Indonesia. Posted by 45N73W at We three, that included Christoph, the sailor from Siegen who I had met for the first time at HISWA in Amsterdam in March after which we had stayed in touch for a year or so via mail, and his girlfriend Silke, and I of course. A Dutch court stepped in, owing to the objections of the local authorities, and prevented Dekker from departing while under shared custody of both her parents. Over the following winter, Dekker searched for her own Hurley , and bought one with a loan from her father. Retrieved 19 December Retrieved from ” https:

This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat On 18 Decembera member of Dekker’s family reported her missing to the police. Retrieved 30 December Retrieved 4 August Inshe announced zdilmeisje plan to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe single-handed.

That comment seems to be made out from two different takes: It is the scene which starts with Laura holding a backpack in front of her face and then in front of the camera pretending to fight off intrusive reporters.

Around noon the phone rang. Shortly before the premiere of Maidentrip in the spring ofLaura wrote on her own web page that she was dissociating herself from the movie. Archived from the original on 26 April Her education was conducted through the Wereldschool Worldschoolan educational institution that provided her with material for self-learning. To me this is a very funny idea and really how will I look as zeilmeisjje cartoon hero?


Laura Dekker

Her phone call came in only minutes before I fllm rushing to Hamburg for the book presentation at the Hamburger Segelclub. What was said about the images also goes for the voice over. This boat was also christened Guppyand she spent her entire summer vacation aboard it, cruising around the Netherlands.

I quickly created a simple and nice bill. Views Read Edit View history.

On September 24 the owners granted permission and we finally had the green light for the event. She spent the next eight weeks preparing Guppy for that trip.

Retrieved 17 June Monday, 13 January Also spokesman Mr Orthaus asked me to deliver a press release as soon as possible. We finally agreed on October 6 at According to Dutch inland shipping regulations, it is prohibited for a captain younger than sixteen years to sail a boat longer than seven meters in Dutch waters; thus Dekker would not be allowed to use the boat zeilmdisje any solo excursions within zeilmeixje Netherlands until She then planned either to go past Somalia to the Mediterranean, or around Africa, should piracy become a serious concern.

At first I had to tell about my relation to Lau ra.

Thursday, 13 February The Daily Mail Online. Latest Weblog van Laura and Retrieved 21 December JoyLaura DekkerSilke M.

After Flim she however decided to skip some stops so she in reality did two 6—7 weeks long legs. Laura was visited by her dad in several more places during her trip, Panama, Darwin and Cape Town to repair her boat.


The viewer gets the idea that this visit has happened in Sint Maarten in the Caribbean in December Sailing Yacht TV Magazine. Susie Goodall Racing Athlete. A detailed description of Guppy as fitted for the trip. I had spent all Saturday in my kitchen preparing dinner for this day.

Zeilmeisje Laura Dekker:

Retrieved 2 July Retrieved 19 November Anyway — but the average viewer would certainly much prefer real footage over animation. Laur a at Ideacity, Toronto June! But first Mr Schadel had ,aura ask the owners of the hall for permission which was but a mere formality. A few general remarks about the film So now I will go on with my own thoughts and conclusions about the film. Her dad immediately flew in from Holland to fix it.

Zeilmeisje Laura Dekker

While in Australia, Dekker gave an interview [37] in which she admitted that she was not doing much schoolwork, since she was busy with sailing, maintenance, customs procedures and other tasks related to her journey. Wikimedia Commons zeilmeise media related to Laura Dekker. Sunday, 25 May He returned her to her boat and flew home himself.

Dekker used a French-built