Yoon Hee asked if he passed as a husband for being jealous in the day about students tagging after her. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Jun Tae Soo Supporting Cast. Jae Shin — a guard [ I think, I’m not very sure about this, but judging by his clothes he looked super important! He pulls out her leaflet, marked up with a red pen, and tells her that writing bad grammar will become a habit. However, Kim Seung-hyun gets killed by the opposing faction and the book has disappeared. The problem with Yoon-hee being a girl is that whether the king intended it or not, he has broken down longstanding traditions and principles as learned in the Three Bonds and Five Relationships of Confucianism by using a girl in his quest for the geumdeungjisa.

Lee Sun-joon Ah-in Yoo Santa will not hesitate to give you one In fact, she’s going to stop him from even going to the gathering. Lee In Supporting Cast. The emperor burned the Guem Da Ji Sa and told Yoon Hee to at least remember him in her memories, so that he could continue to live on in her memories. Although I don’t know what happens to her little bro because of that Yet now he finally knew that his brother loved the world.

Midnight Express

And for you to throw me away as well. Sun Joon told her that of course it was because of the marriage. I get that they were trying to work in the political themes of the earlier episodes but I maintain that they could have done so with something more manageable. Thank you for the recap!! I wish they had 2 more episodes to at least wrap things up nicely but I think the SKKS team just wanted us to use our imaginations.

And who knew that Lee Seon-joon could smile this widely? Thank you for being brave, strong and smart, and for making Seon-joon a better man.


They should have given them a get together at the end Yoon Hee laughed and he said that he would continue to kiss her until she said he passed. You have to say it for me to understand” “That Yoon Hee is a girl! Have you been fighting all this time to beat the Norons?

Right now as I’m writing this, my blues were gone, but as I mentioned in an entry a week ago, I had bad blues then.

Really, that final screen cap says it all. They want to believe that the king will protect her, but Professor Jung evades their questions and confirms the opposite.

Yong Ha got called out by Hyo Eun who told him to treat her with some respect. That is, until he met Yoon-hee. Yong Ha — flirting with a prostitute, buying her clothes. But I bet she’s going to demand that he court her like a respectable lady for a while before she finally accepts him. I really like the friendship they share and it’s the thing that hits me the most.

As if Geol Oh will just sit by the wayside if Seon-joon does anything to upset her. Sun Joon “I can accept it that you say I’m wrong, but I can’t take it if you say you don’t like me” He leaned in for a kiss, and asked if he passed. And thank you to all who have worked so hard recapping the series! Kim Kap Soo Supporting Cast.

Meanwhile, Seon-joon is declared a free man and as he walks into the courtyard, the scholars erupt in cheers. It was a fun episode and you could have said so much more.

Meta [Happily sungkyyunkwan after] Maybe And you said it in front of me! It’s been a delight to squee and giggle and go gah gah with you all. Kim Ik Tae Supporting Usngkyunkwan. Notify me of new posts via email.

From its beautiful cinematography to its unexpectedly intense narrative to its absolutely lovable characters from the four leads right down to the scanndalit was just plain charming. Btw, I found this link on MJS and thought of sharing it with you and hopefully can help you with the withdrawal pangs Im Yoon Jung Supporting Cast.


That day happened to be the day sungkyunkdan Sun Joon wanted to meet Yoon Hee’s family. Is Yoon-hee still pretending to be a man? Go Jang-bok Jung-kyun Kim I really hope she gets representation, though it must be tough with so many people trying to break into the acting biz.

Nevertheless, his dream still stands. Thanks Red for a great recap With the head Norons in attendance, King Jeong-jo acknowledges that when it comes to moving the capital, there can be no compromise. I guess you could make certain comparisons but there are sugnkyunkwan like the script, scenario, time period etc.

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Ohemgee November 11, at 9: However I think Sun-joon’s father made a brilliant political play here. Ladymoonstone November 12, at 7: He will continue fighting to move the capital to Hwaseong, sungkyunkwwan to spite the Norons but for the sake of his people.

Unbeknown to Seon-joon, his father is now throwing a spanner in his plans. There are still scandl many things I wanted to clarify on Episode They were not always the best of friends, and there were times when they were more at odds with each other than anything else, but come together as a group they did.

Nam Myung Ryul Supporting Cast.