Enjoyed it a lot! So cute to have supportive K-drama dads I can’t explain what I feel. I forgot about it. She’s kinda stumped and stunned right now, I think. And whether this is a part of his master scheme or just a nice bit of symbolic synchronicity, it makes sense now why defeating Mu-yeon is a job for a human.

The story is finally complete, or very nearly so. Beacause seriously this drama stayed within it’s scope, and connect the dots concisely. Not that I think JW is a saint angel , far from it. And then stopping Muyeon-in-his-mom’s-body from touching Arang. I want to know how her body end up at the waterfall. But he look so hot, I agreed. And marriage and pure blood are extra important. You would think that the entire cast was in mourning or something.

That gets in the way of enjoyment of this genre. To the extent that most of us have been inclined or led to believe that JW was LSR’s murderer, we have been upsetting ourselves by how hurtful both Arang and JW would epksode when they find out the truth. Episodes by odilettante.

Mwgistrate cute to have supportive K-drama dads I feel the same about Joo Wal, a different twist to the usual Kdrama love triangle. I would think it would be very weird indeed if she actually started giving Eun Ho some loving.

SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1-20 Episode Terakhir

Arhazivory October 4, at 8: Well said, my dear. At this point, I feel that this drama is:.

Please enter your username or email address. Btw, episkde it night time when Arang snatched the pin out of Mom’s hair, but daylight when Arang jumped in front of JW to take the stab? Come on, guys, there are only 4 episodes left! She could still be guilty of killing Seo-rim and wouldn’t want anything to happen to her.


SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode Episode Terakhir

She performs the deed, and visibly his shuddering eases. A lovely, sad moment. What surprises me is that the drama is getting sloppy, as it tries so studiously to connect all dots between past and present episodes.

It’s also pretty silly to assume that when he discovers the truth his response will be exactly what she thinks it will be. He asks why she did it.

I never thought about that last scenario. What if Arang will sacrifice herself since she thinks she’s dead already anyways or have a life expiration date? Still, I believe you writer nims!

All this while, I was itching for the Father to make an appearance and he finally did!! It’s just Jade who seems to be ‘enjoying’ things. This triggers a flashback. Presumably so he could sacrifice her later or something. Or should I say, the Bang Duo; the two turn around to see Hyung-bang trotting off after the men to join in the search party. I think mopiness is valid in a drama.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. And I magistrzte want to punch Jade.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

Even if he’s using her as bait. Perhaps, Jade Emperor’s real chip is the mother’s love for Eun-Oh. In addition, I am hoping that perhaps having seen the fairy’s desire for some kind of fun in heaven, he might change a few of the heavenly laws to loosen heaven up a bit.


I’m sure they’ll give us a memorable ending. epixode

I thought all along that Joo-Wal was the one, coz we have been given little hint on any other possibility so far! I can’t wait for next week’s episodes!! Does it still count as self-sacrificing or a way to tell Jade Emperor to fix his own problem? LOL the moment you said ‘mother’s love for Eun-Oh’ my mind went straight to ‘ Ok done deal, she’s going to heaven for sure now, Sato.

So JOWAL upon realizing all these things has been living in hell at every leap full-moon that’s why he kept looking at the moon at the bridge, it’s not because it’s beautiful but a reminder of evilness he had to do again and again. It explains his hot-cold dichotomy, and how he can be so indifferent to things or people he has no business being indifferent toward.

All this flashes back to Arang as Mu-yeon nears, aligning the three of them in the same formation as the night Mom lost her body. I think when she gets over her confusion over Joo Wal and Seo Rim and after she stops being hit with all these heavy-duty emotions.

Wow, so the status of the mother is what determines class?