He cares for his fans very much. But it might be in the form of trying to date Ha Na to make Seo Joon jealous so he’ll step up. The Last Empress Korean Drama. But not once was I let down. Temptation of Wife Korean Drama. Seo Joon and Ha Na are really cute together. He has diff fashion style and haircut unlike other Kdrama actors.

The four of them meet again back in Korea and there is where the story takes place. I like the clothes too! Boukyaku no Sachiko Japanese Drama. Seen her at Cinderella Man and gosh,, she’s like a talking doll,, JGS’s hair looks weird,, its like a broom at the very least a coconut husk half.. My Secret Hotel Korean Drama. Shopping King Louie Korean Drama.

Hes doing well in Japan tho. I just want to know when will you visit Philippines? Why there is rrain in ? LOL at ur screename. Log in with Email.

Good night drama lovers! She then goes to the second one, and then the third one… Oh I laughed so much! Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Joshi-teki Seikatsu Japanese Drama. Hot Young Bloods Korean Movie.

OMG he’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!! Narahannah November 18, at Minty V November 17, at 2: I do love you Jang Keun Suk ever since i saw you.

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Korean Kimcuidrama. The difference will be in how Sun Ho handles that – does he bulldoze ahead to date Ha Na like his father did with Yoon Hee or does he try to help these two?


Crows Zero Japanese Movie.

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I have no idea why!? JKS dramas were shown here in Philippines last and What is the piano serenade called they often play in this drama? I think jks hairstyle is perfect match for him. Love the vintage look in the last two pictures.

I love all of Sukkies work so far. I love Yoona’s clothes! And in which drama did this scene take place? The Team H parties last year are not cancelled but postponed….

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Posted April kimchidrqma, I’m going to wait for reviews before I waste my time. I hope she proves me wrong though. The follow up to Rooftop Prince is a detectiv drama called Ghost or Phantom I think the name Phantom is more sutible for the drama because they play a song from The Phantom of the opera in the drama.

Fabulous 30 Taiwanese Drama. They are definitely in it for the money, not that they shouldn’t be.

I usually skip melos Day Promise is kimchdirama exception but we’ll see. I know that’s common for Korean idols, but sheesh, her legs are like Pocky sticks.


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He cares every single step or single words rian people who love him and never hesitate to wash up his disappointment. MoMo Love Taiwanese Drama. That is where Yoonhee lives and work.

Sometimes the fans can cause trouble of shooting. The drama is about a police unite that are looking for crimes online and then they get a murder to solve. Lol, this bad richard simmons yet charming guy geez. Steel Cold Winter Korean Movie. Epizode you need a laugh, then I can recommend you to watch Skip-Beat also called: Beyond the Memories Japanese Movie.

Roaring Currents Korean Movie. A Story of Yonosuke Japanese Movie. Where can I find the Love Rain movie not the drama? Episodde them next to seasoned actors can be disastrous and makes me cringe. Dream High Korean Drama. I cant get enough of episose prince! The Heirs Korean Drama. Hopefully the ratings continue to be on the uptrend. He also weighed a bit more and I liked that.

Moorim School Korean Drama. City Hunter Korean Drama.