Meanwhile Jen struggles with the company’s increasingly harsh treatment of smokers, presented humorously as Soviet-style authoritarianism. Moss enrols in a German cookery course, only to find that his instructor is actually a cannibal who made some translation errors in the advert. Having realised she is wasting her life in the position she’s in, she accepts. Jen, who is offended by the idea, complains and persuades the girls to do a calendar of their grandmothers instead. I was frankly a little confused by the first three episodes of season 4 but this one finally drops the bomb every fan was waiting for. Written by don minifie

When she tosses the coffee aside, she splashes it on a homeless woman, while the short-stature barista confronts Roy and is then hit by a van. But Roy has to meet up with an old date who was known to wear so much makeup that when she cries she resembles the Joker. Moss has meanwhile become the theatre’s bartender, having been mistaken for a member of staff. Douglas’s second wife Victoria, who had disappeared after two weeks of marriage, reunites with Douglas. After a terrible dinner date with co-worker Bill Crouse Adam Buxton , Jen wants to avoid his asking for a follow-up date, so she tells Moss to lie and say that she is too busy. Meanwhile Jen struggles with the company’s increasingly harsh treatment of smokers, presented humorously as Soviet-style authoritarianism.

Following a meeting in which Denholm thanks everyone involved in a successful project except for the IT department, Jen becomes exceptionally moody and irritable. A little “half spoiler” at the end I just need to get rid off: Jen spends a day episod home to observe Gary, causing the latter to think she must be flirting with him, and prompting Jen and Roy to install closed-circuit cameras. Well, these are those moments when your head that’s already shaking falls into your palms and you go “noooooo Jen loses concentration during an important meeting after wearing a “bad episdoe to work, but when Moss invents a bra that doesn’t lose its comfort or form, Jen is able to have an effective meeting.


Use dmy dates from April Jen and Roy visit the coffee shop, but Roy’s presence disrupts Jen’s barista and she is served xeaparks coffee. Jealous of co-worker Linda Jen lies that can speak Italian but shoots herself in the foot since she is then asked to act as interpreter for visiting businessman Signor Bernatelli.

Moss gets an opportunity to pitch it to Dragons’ Den. Crowe Trenneman Richard Ayoade Retrieved 14 December Roy discovers that eepisode latest girlfriend has a traumatic past, but is befuddled when he learns the details: Denholm, who receives a visit from police who want to investigate “financial irregularities” in the business accounts, casually opens a window and jumps out of it to his death.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Jen has finally found love with her new boyfriend, and to celebrate their happiness they host a dinner party for six of their single friends: Following lunch at the park, Roy and Moss find their path back is blocked by a bomb threatepisods decide to ” bunk off “.

Roy, who had his t-shirt dirtied and his jacket given away to help an elderly co-worker, is chased around the office by security and kicked out for being shirtless and without his door pass. La prossimo settimale ba bene. Roy is visited by a window cleaner Limmy who leaves his stuff at Roy’s flat.

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During the dinner party, Roy and Moss discover that Jen’s boyfriend’s name is Peter File, which sounds similar to ” paedophile “, and causes much confusion and discomfort. Seeing an opportunity to humiliate her, Roy and Moss trick Jen by lending her “the Internet” which is in the form of a small black box with a blinking light. Audible Download Audio Books.


Douglas Reynholm Nathalie Cox Denholm’s son Douglas Matt Berry storms the funeral where it is announced he will be taking over Reynholm Industries.

Jen boasts about winning Employee of the Month and makes Roy and Moss write her acceptance speech. Season 4 Episode 4. Douglas becomes interested in “Spaceology” — a New Age-styled religion that employs cosmic ordering — and tries to persuade his employees to follow in his footsteps. The two are resistant to her leadership, which is affirmed when they discover she knows very little about computers.

Moss brags about realising he can put his mobile phone in his shirt pocket for easier convenience, only to have it fall into the toilet, and tries to get an iPhone that he sees in a claw crane machine.

La prossima settimana sarebbe l’ideale.

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There are very few shows out there that really appear to have a master-plan. During the intermission, Moss and Roy are unable to urinate in the gents’ room due to the distracting presence of a washroom attendantso flre use the staff and disabled facilities respectively. Retrieved 9 January Roy comes back from a stag night unaware that he has been wearing lipstick. Based on the claim on her CV that she “has a lot of experience with computers”, Denholm Reynholm Chris Morris places her in charge of the IT department.

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