You are commenting using your Facebook account. I know that you threaten the other girls because only in this way can you control them. I will show you the best my town has to offer. That the flag of the osman empire is held up high in all countries, and I will put this idea to the Sultan and I am sure that Ibrahim will agree with me. Do you believe that your wrongdoings does not reach me? Prepare your plans for Tunis.

Notify me of new comments via email. Make sure that Nigar does not cross my ways and I will not see a glimpse of her. But instead you took out all your anger on me and forgave your husband for his actions. Our privacy will be filled with eroticism. I will allow her stay until the Sultan returns. Is it to anger Sultana Khadija, to keep me in front of her. The Diwan decided against Iskandr and accuse him of treachery. Is it not enough what you have let me live through?

But instead you took out all your anger on me and forgave your husband for his actions. Hurrem comes forward and says that she brought her cause when she found that she was in a bad condition she sought to help her out.

You will become my enemy.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Moreover, I am not afraid to get a little naughty. Or are you a participating companion to those cheaters. Really, if that would be true I would have been punished long ago. Hurrem tells her we need to get rid of Khadija, and Kawthar be the one to solan her. Suleiman accuses him that the one he is complaining about is the prime minister and whatever was his reason he should also take his share of responsibility and dismisses him.


She dismisses everyone to read the letter by herself. Are you not aware of what your men did? Either all Istanbul will know about this topic or we wait upon the return of the Sultan.

Tell me how this happened. Mustapha says it is time that the world is opened to see the glory of the Islamic empire. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The soldiers are tired and it is difficult to episodr the heavy weapons on the desert road. Sultana Khadija is totally enraged and asks how this is happening and why Nigar has come to this place.

The scene is changing.

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I am not a slave in front of you that you can beat. When you fled from the garim, why did you return after all the pain and distress that you went through.

It is a cloth you wear before it becomes you. First we will conquer Tunis, maybe she is there. It is important to find her as Ibrahims requests it, choose one of your man for this mission and he has any news then to return and inform us.

He is happy but also sad because he has broken Suleimans heart. If you fight me. Listen carefully, if you want to flee I will do the impossible to help you out and this is a promise. He is sentenced to death by hanging. Nigar tells kawthar haim kill Sultana Khadija and let it appear as suicide.

He had clear orders to prepare the way to Bagdad and not Tabriz. I am you all in one pack. So this is why you brought Nigar to this place?


And to whom is the trembling voice. Go on and give your excuse to Afife.

Ibrahim sends Iskandr to Suleiman and accuses him of his failures to reach Bagdad strong and healthy as already half of the soldiers have died and every day there is new death.

Ibrahim tells Helmi Pasha to be present in the Diwan meeting where the fate of Iskandr will be decided and he orders him barim vote against Iskandr. June 24, at 4: I was really heart broken. And initiated new orders.

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I know very well what you are trying to do, you are trying to reduce from my standing and let the Sultan look down to me. Hurrem is pleased with Firuze but on the way they are interrupted by Mahidevran who finds it amusing that Hurrem befriends Firuze. I just showed you the true face of your dear husband.

He wakes up eipsode swear that Ibrahim fate will be just like the fate of Iskandr. Be thankful that you opened Tabriz. I will not allow it.

Everyone needs a piece of extraordinary time and the greater part of the occasions goes in way that are constantly kept in the most profound recollections.