Hiccup must evade wild dragons and repair Toothless’ tail before Alvin discovers he’s on the island. Picture number 9 made me look twice. Snotlout is not my fave person in the world. Why do you have to go just when I was beginning to like you, Thornado? The machine proved to be able to capture sounds from quite a distance off. You are great at choosing friends, but sometimes you can find it hard to actually befriend them. Christine Huang February 19, at 4:

Camicazi February 23, at 1: I knew what was going to happen but it still pulled at my heart strings. BTW, where has the screaming death been lately? It can be anyone, but I’ll miss seeing him since he was such an awesome dragon. Mara Crowder February 23, at

I hope he is there beri more then half of the run time Im so happy right now! I did this “what dragon are you” test and apparently I am a “Night shade” Description of it: To be honest, I don’t feel 1 bit of sympathy for Snotlout at all.

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Could those Thunderdrums be related to Thornado? JemWolf February 19, at 7: Are they going to be all grown up. And this one was a tear jerker.

The suspense is killing me! RunatheNightFury February 20, at 6: Jackiechane February 19, at 6: Hiccdew-Forever February 19, at 6: Episode – Bing!

I know for a fact the fandom exploding over that last scene with the goodbye to Thornado. Mara Crowder February 20, at 6: Picture number 9 made me look twice. Camicazi February 23, at 1: Now for the preview of the season finally It was surprising to see hiccup lose his temper because of snotlouts actions. They wouldn’t wreak havoc and stay in control as long as Thornado is around yes?


CatherineDesbiens February 24, at 6: And that is a horn? Drafons brother or sister Epixodeyou have brought to us a gift that many of us shall rewatch many, many times. Stoick and Hiccup think of how cute, cuddly, and cool they are but leave them there because as Stoick says they can basically survive because they are thunderdrums, the toughest dragon.

I hope Thornado comes back to visit and fight the Screaming Death in the season finale! Epissode get Astrid, so I dont get why he is still trying This was a great episode.

It hasnt aired yet, and since ive been watching on animeflavor since RoB, it will be added to the site at around midnight: Then a new sound came into their hearing, and they went to investigate. Where is the Book of Dragons, tune in next week for the exciting conclusion to this story.

Nmohit Kellar February 20, at 3: E u jus said that. Mildew leads the village to near revolt when Toothless appears to be attracting a vicious lightning storm, claiming that Thor is punishing the village for taking in the dragons.

A bit of humor is him saying epiosde grounded! Why do you have to go just when I was beginning to like you, Thornado? Arys February 22, at 8: I cried for like an hour!

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Dawn of New Riders: And finally, over the promo for the two-parter coming next week, many were falling out of their chairs dumbfounded and excited. I loved it, it had me in awe the entire time!


Hope you don’t mind me asking, but why does everybody find Hiccup losing his temper with Snotlout funny? And these baby Thunderdrums are adorable: Pettersson February 22, at At the same time, the Screaming Death draws near Which shows he does care for astrid. Spoiler Filter Turn on the spoiler filter to browse this site without worrying about movie spoilers!

Breakneck Bog Full Episode S 1: Chimuelo February 19, at 9: This seems like a possibility. But I read somewhere that there’s gonna be more on her in defenders of berk.

You are great at choosing friends, but sometimes you can find it hard to actually befriend them. When dragon events are included in the annual Thaw Festival games, Hiccup sees a chance to finally beat Snotlout, the winner for the past several years.

Hiccup and the other kids must find a way that the dragons can help the village, or risk having them get banished forever. Snotlout is not my fave person in the world.