They go on for another half an hour about all the little details that are “too coincidence to be a coincidence” so it MUST have been divine intervention. When you really take the time to study what happened here and do so with an open mind, you realize that this was indeed a story of miraculous intervention. I think there was a good balance between being LDS and not overly so in the hopes that the rest of the world can appreciate LDS belief in prayer and protection in the form of angels. When the blast occurred he found himself outside the room not knowing how he got there. I would not let my young teenage daughter watch this. A very positive story, just really feel good.

Each person experiences life and the events that constitute it through their own beliefs and opinions. If there is a middle-ground, it perhaps lies in one’s willingness to accept this drama for what it is–a drama about people in a small town and how they might react to this type of situation. They didn’t take any liberties or choose the way the story ended. If it were that bad there would not be all those people downloading it. The only reason I enjoyed watching from that point was because it was absolutely hilarious to me how pushy this film’s values are. Commented Sorry, there are no recent results for popular commented articles. The Cokeville Miracle is a completely Christian movie, and actually of a rather conservative variety. View more products by T.

Are you sure that’s the bracket you choose to place yourselves in? The Cokeville Miracle is as intense as any film.

Thank you god for saving all those innocent children from the violent psychopath you brought to that elementary school. Based on actual cokegille, this movie was excellent.

The Cokeville Miracle Movie Times

How could you possibly judge? Whiteside Elementary, and it had all those things. The actors were believable and the film was made on location where the event occurred, and while the event happened maybe a decade ago, the event might have happened just yesterday.


Each child, each adult who made it out of that room has a story to tell. Excel EntertainmentT. I am at a loss for words. It’s important to acknowledge that those who lived through the event have credited the movie with being remarkably accurate. Again, shame on some of you! The Cokeville Miracle is a completely Christian movie, and actually of a rather conservative variety.

Enjoy eBooks and audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet with our free appDeseret Bookshelf. I have had the opportunity to talk with quite a few survivors now and even the filmmaker TC Christensen.

He knows the ending of this story and He knows we will all one day cokeviole the process was worth the end result. I left feeling that I had witnessed a miracle myself.

I came away feeling very uplifted and inspired. One memorable performance was a teacher who volunteered with the captor to give her life for the children.

The movie has the potential to draw many eye rolls, especially considering Jasen Wade’s very earnest performance as the Sheriff. I understand that it’s hard for people to understand why God would intercede here and “seemingly” be absent from cokefille such as ckeville Holocaust and Sandy Hook.

He held all of the people in the school hostage and threatened to blow up the school if he did not receive a two million dollar ransom for each of the children. The director and actors presented a documented story as told by real people. We do one reflection, and we do recount those stories, and tell what the kids said.

To the Cokeville kids, you have inspired! We have a summer cabin in this area and I personally know some of these people. If IMDb lets all your prejudice be published on their site, I surely hope they will my urging for you to be kinder and less judgmental, spiteful, or hateful in your remarks, especially of the people, their religions that is the kind of stuff that shouldn’t be publishedand just focus on the film, not so much to belittle others’ beliefs and intentions.


At Sandy Hook, not so much. Thank you for the music Tim! Definitely did NOT get 80’s fashion and hairstyles down, and I guarantee they took artistic liberties with the story.

The Cokeville Miracle movie times | local showtimes & theater listings

At least for these kids and their teachers. This film is based on an actual event which was covered by national media as it was playing out. She is very sensitive to things like this and because I know her, I know it would scare her for sure. They had two children in this school on this day. How did a bomb that cokeviloe have leveled the room take only two lives that day, the madman and his wife?

I honestly can’t help but laugh at these negative reviews about this movie. Having seen much of Christensens work, I found cokevillr movie to be one of the best ones yet! People do not need to be religious to see this film, but it is a very compelling moviw about a disgruntled high IQ guy assisted by his gullible, lower mentality,esteem-less girlfriend.

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If a Jew wants to make a movie, go ahead, the same for an atheist. Ships in business days. I also appreciated the bonus features with stories from the survivors. Please treat the comments section as you would a town meeting, dinner party or classroom discussion.

Why did so many people who don’t want to watch a movie about God or religion watch a movie with the word “miracle” in the title?