Hulk Hogan and the Baywatch team work to raise money to keep a youth recreation center open. Jessie exhibits a psychic bond with her grandfather, but the emotional understanding between him and Mitch saves him from ending his life. Beth, the little girl Jessie rescued, had the same kind of scars. Hobie becomes enamored with a homeless girl whose mother has disappeared. Mitch and Alex manages to get him out. Meanwhile, the Buchanon home gets two new residents when Neely and Ashley move inindefinitely. Cody participates in the trials for the Olympic swim team.

Logan wants to become a director, and he has written a script named Shark Fever. When Cody arrives, he starts training the girls for free. Hobie and his friends almost drown while surfing in a dangerous part of the beach; Caroline befriends an ex-jockey who is pretending to be blind. While Mitch and Newmie are walking down the beach, Mitch tells Newmie about a confrontation he has had with a gang. Drew shoots at the raft. But when Damon falls ill due to an allergic reaction to shellfish, he asks Mitch to take his place for a major grand prix race, where Mitch comes up against, Mark Martin, an old rival from his own former race car days. Mitch discovers that Tracy is terminally ill and tries to make the best of their short time together; Logan and Caroline confront two reckless drivers.

Meanwhile, Mitch discovers that his marriage to Neely is invalid, and her ex-husband shows up with no knowledge of her baby or her current marriage, and Mitch realizes she lied to him all along. Craig is knocked unconscious. Contributors Become a contributor. Will Agents of S.

In the aftermath, Kekoa’s father, who filed one of the lawsuits, has a severe stroke after Kekoa confronts him about going after the center just to break up her marriage to J. Meanwhile, Jessie realizes that she has some competition for J. They all get to know that J. In the middle of this mess, Jenna sends a false rescue to Sean because she needs a ride back to HQ.

When Sheryl calls them from her tower about a man with a possible heart attack, they drive to her tower. But Mitch disapproves of Andy’s ways at man-handling two belligerent vagrants that harass beach goers.

Sean and Leigh are held captive by the head of a local company that’s using toxic chemicals to create a man-made reef. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. He then discovers that she’s really sick and wants to end her life. During the same time, another vacationer complains to Sean that his gold watch has been stolen.


Cody breaks regulations and leaves his tower five minutes early. Mitch’s parents come to visit; Al, Mitch’s father, wants him to take over his architectural firm; Summer must tell Jackie about her horrible nightmares.

She makes him believe that is what she wants as well. Sean and Jason encounter Jenna for the first time, in flirtation and innocence as Sean spills a lot of shave ice on her breasts. Meanwhile, Cody tries to help Lani adjust to life without sound. Special guest appearance by The Beach Boys.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. When night falls, there’s still two kids missing, but after watching over the film from their camera, they see what they think is a hand in one of the caves. She begins seeing the son of the victim and during the investigation discovers the man’s cousin was responsible for his father’s death.

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An Australian immigrant, Trevor Cole, works as a lifeguard at a local beach club that occupies a patch of the same beach as Baywatch, but alienates Mitch with his arrogant, competitive manner. Logan and Gator take on Matt and Barnett in a rubber ducky contest; Mitch and Tracy become romantically involved, but she keeps a personal secret from him.

While Alex is talking to Jessie, she notices scars on her arm. Season 8, Episode 9 November 17, The next day, Ariana performs a recital hosted by industrialist Miles Clayton. Meanwhile, Mitch considers his future at Baywatch.

A plane crashes into the water near the beach with the occupants, after they are rescued, looking to recover a suitcase of stolen money that they had with them.

Harris a visit and finds out that Laurie’s father has been dead for ten years. Little Richard guest stars.

White Thunder at Glacier Bay: Part 2

Thinking he is romantic, Hobie takes the girl on jetski to a cove near a seaside monastery to kiss her as the bells toll, but they get caught in a dangerous current. Meanwhile, Cody helps out Mehgan Hanley-Grier, a world famous, beautiful free-diver in training for a national deep dive competition.

Complicating matters is Jenna who shows up and takes possession of a Scarab and two Jet Skis. Many lifeguards arrive to the beach to search for Vic, but they are not able to find him anywhere.


The International Ironman Competition is held at Baywatch and Neely sets off a battle of the sexes when she decides to enter the competition. Garner meets his sister’s old friend Wendi again. Logan has recurring flashbacks of a traumatic childhood incident; after his father dies, Mitch learns that his father appreciated his job as a lifeguard.

Pamela Anderson as C.

He goes to the dock where Clare’s sailboat is. He later finds out that she’s a freelance journalist named Ivy, searching for some big news to get on television. There is a special appearance by gymnastics great Mary Lou Retton. Part 2 18 May A sleazy reporter Shadoe Stevens starts dishing the dirt about the private lives of Baywatchers on his show, including some juicy scoops about Cody, Caroline, JD, and Lani Carmen Electra.

Randy Savage and Ric Flair face off in a wrestling match for charity; Stephanie discovers that she has developed skin cancer. Their argument about who the unfound treasure belongs to sets Sean off; he thinks they’re destroying the team.

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By accident, Sean, who’s hiding close to Jason to make sure that rhunder safe, gets a rock in his head and needs a Coast Guard rescue. Mitch and Caroline help to reunite a Vietnamese refugee with her Qhite father. Mitch objects, but the Chief thinks Alex’s proposal warrants consideration. Bouncy babes and sculpted hunks posed as L. Mitch discovers that Tracy is terminally ill and tries to make the best of their short time together; Logan and Caroline confront two reckless drivers.

Baywatch – Season 8, Episode White Thunder at Glacier Bay (2) –

She is saved by Mitch but later dies from a blood embolism. Meanwhile, Allie and Sean search for treasure, but end up in some kind of graveyard.

Later on, Mitch and Sean plans a team exercise that’s going to put all the lifeguards’ corporative skills to the test.