Discussion in ‘ Henshin Justice Unlimited ‘ started by arnoldmcguire , May 10, Sentai seen list I stole this list from nomadskye , because I was kind of having trouble getting it straight in my head last night. She’s even very cute sometimes. Oh, I couldn’t agree more! Star Warriors theatrical movie 2. Gekisou Sentai Carranger vs. Also, I was really confused as to why, if you are basically a five person team, you would theme your other two guys differently?

This toy has the same transformation as Shin. All this “sentai” stuff, you guys, it’s gotta stop. I half expected Shadowmoon to appear Hmmm, thanks for the intel. Why didn’t anyone tell me that! Someone needs to write an Ultraman fic and put it on ffnet plz. Is it because that’s how they wrote his name on the coat? My friends list does not mislead me.

Gaoranger vs Super Sentai: Ya know, I read somewhere that there are amateur wrestling matches in Japan where contenders dress-up as a favored or made-up giant monster cosplay, perhaps? This robot is really nicely done, with good articulation and metal content. The 7 Riders for the end of Stronger, and the various team-ups from New Kamen Rider, especially the episodes where Ichimonji is involved. BoukengerGo-Onger vs. The stand has two parts that can be used for various displays. I would kill for a SOC Dangaioh!!!!

Usually when they only give us one girl, she’s pretty awesome, so I’m thinking Saki must have some hidden depths.

TakumiInui MasatoKusaka kamenrider kamenriderkaixa kamenriderzio. So, while it definitely isn’t, you know, keeping me on the edge of my seat although, I did look away for two seconds and then they were talking about Musashi???


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Been waiting for this one a long time Such is the price we pay to grab up such expensive toys. I’ve seen pictures of the shoulder pegs on other forums, and they look awfully thin. The only thing that spoils the sense of nostalgia is the lack of firing fists. Momen dimana gue pertama kali bakuruu sampe tewas gak berdaya kamenriderkaixa kamenrider masatokusaka. All this “sentai” stuff, you guys, it’s gotta stop. Yeah unfortunately Gaia Yeah unfortunately Gaia doesnt veph like in the popy one.

Kamen Rider Delta Female Ver. Sentaifan’07 XmanMay 12, I sometimes wish that Bandai would release a Super Sentai robot like this Say, what is the Say, what is the significance of that combining fighter craft to the GodMars?

Top Toku teamups. | Henshin Justice Unlimited

But wait, there is more. Masked Rider Faiz He’s like Souta except not awesome. Login to post comments. I think we know how I feel about mascot characters except Mr. Shougo B’StardMay 10, Godaikin toys were repackaged Bandai toys that were assembled episore a wide variety of sources.

The plot was alright, but the movie had a ton of great little moments.

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Episode 1

And Hant follows him around and is on his side in everything? Although, I did sort of fast-forward through the stuff I’d already seen, so it’s not as fresh in my mind. Usually Reds are either Above Such Things or so inexperienced as to be unable to be arrogant.


Algo FonixMay 11, The big, bold title of the robot is spelled out in giant chrome letters, with all the characters flying in from space. The Black RX 3-D movie: I don’t like the huge legs with the G1-Transformer hips. There are only one or two sequel series per e;isode, otherwise they are all completely disconnected xbaranger each other, and their original airing date. Speaking of which, has anyone subbed the two Metal Hero’ ” B-Fighter ” series [upon which Saban’s ” Beetleborgs ” were made]?

Top Toku teamups.

Kamen Rider Faiz Eps 47 Sub by: CarrangerGingaman Vs. Open the box and you get a styrofoam tray with an old-school insert, identifying each of the robots. Each robot folds up neatly with little fuss and no parts swapping. As a stand-alone robot, he is blocky and inarticulate. But anyway, big hearts for the tiny happy one.

In robot mode his articulation is limited, but he is light years ahead of what was done with the old Chogokin version. You can even see Gaia’s head behind the blue see-through mouth plate.

I found myself constantly comparing everything to the myriad other sentai I’ve seen; this will be evident as this review continues. Ketika elu habis ditolak gebetan karena muka elu jelek. KakurangerCarranger Vs.