Nudity in the series is used very sparingly, and when it eventually happens, it feels earned and genuine, rather than a cheap excuse for life and hometown. Where do I begin with a series like this? One day a student, Mikoto Urabe, transfers to his school. Awesome Sig by Lailide. But then again, both girls will continue to travel no matter what the circumstances. I don’t think Miyano’s better than Yamada.

What would you do if you were 15 and a virgin? BBCode Peoplestring – where you get paid to use the web as you please – http: Go visit her channel and give her lots of love. OMG I can’t believe it Often, most of this is happening all at the same time! When i 1st saw it, i’m kinda have reaction like WTF?

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: She provides just the right amount of dry, emotionless dialogue, but can also pull off more humorous, quirky and emotional flavot.

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Akira Tsubaki is just an average high schooler: Then again, it is a big city, so maybe they just look the same. Yamada’s sister is the best character of this anime, period. But god, this series is stupid.

It was also in the anime after all. Seeking to rectify this clearly inexcusable situation, Yamada vows to have sex with guys over the course of her high school life.

Surprisingly, the dialogue and situations are quite well written, despite the odd setup for the series, and it is genuinely sweet and funny at times. Forum Settings Episode Gaat Forums.

I think he mean this?! I feel kinda bad for Kosuda I have to say that the existence of extra-terrestrials on this show is mind-blowing. They could’ve made Yamada’s masturbation scene much hotter. Gatw ran for ten years. Irish dullahan Celty, the headless rider, is the closest thing there is to a framing narrative in the series, and the hunt for her missing head is used as a driving force for many of the characters.


This ep sucked pretty bad actually. Seiji Yagiri is essentially a one-note weirdo of a character, and his sister Namie is no more inspiring. Chika was in the end appearance nice but character shocking in the manga only so far to me. OMG I can’t 112 it Other then that the second half wasn’t exceptional but still very good. However, there are some things about this series that bother me. Yamada is not really there yet since she is a virgin I thought it was hilarious the way she kept on trying to hide the no panties thing.

Awesome Sig by Lailide. However, was nice to break the normal overly ecchi comedy for a bit, we at least got to become fonder of Miyano. Simply buying a brick of chocolate and melting it is not “homemade”.

Yamada is voiced with aplomb by seasoned veteran and blog favourite Brittney Karbowski. It was also in the anime after all.

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What I meant was that Chika looked all virgin and was just playing around with guys in the anime Kind of liked what was written on the board I’m sure there are plenty of kindly gentlemen who would have taken charge. Have yourself some Chocolate Syrupy Waffles.

In spoiler my anime list for now. How will these events unfold, and what secrets has the Academy been concealing? For the next few days he becomes bedridden with a fever, until Urabe visits him, revealing that he is suffering from withdrawal from consuming her saliva, and that he must ingest some of it every day from that point forward.


B Gata H Kei Episode 5 Discussion

BBCode “Your taste is shit cause you like what I hate. When i 1st saw it, i’m kinda have reaction like WTF? I don’t think an explanation is needed. Reminds me of another series…. In every age, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same. Japanese girls apparantly have a very loose definition of the word “handmade”.

I think this is a parody of Inukami I think Miyano is better BBCode In every age, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same. The rest of the episode was kind of stupid actually. You know what, go visit her tumblr as well and check out her other art, its flwvor cool. My friends, I have joined the illustrious ranks of Team Turnabout, a group making Ace Attorney fan-cases.

Better yet, their basic form is similar to those strange statues that Chito and Yuuri encountered in Episode 4, so it seems that these aliens are being worshipped as gods even after most of humanity has gone extinct.

I didn’t seriously think they would have fapping in this. I must say that WHITE FOX did flavoe great job of capturing the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world, all while seeing the daily lives of both girls surviving the world in a non-depressive tone. I looked up the manga.