Does the mega link for part work for you? That one works for me. Mich, Marie, Bon-chan, thanks so very much for the subs! Learn how your comment data is processed. Lol I dont know how to join files. When the newscaster report about rape, is Takki did it??? More dark expressions, so intense! Could you help me please??

Thank you anyway for trying to help. Then come the last saying that impacts Shuichi in his action which is a villain knows that he will lose something important in the place of things that he take away from. It assigns its one and only detective, Saeki Shuichi Tackey to go investigate and report back to the victim’s family members. Designed by Tiffany Chow. The victims are no longer in this world. They wanted to see whether or not he deserved to be forgiven.

I read the prologue on vrama way to Narita Airport. I would never get to watch this if not for your generosity. As usual with our fansubs, please do not re-upload to any other sites. This said, I loathe that NosuUpload…. Oh my heart is also crying when I saw this scene, not gonna tell you which one, watch it for yourself!

[LQ] Akutou (Drama SP) 2012.11.30

Saeki Shuichi is a private detective at Hope Detective Agency. He is commissioned by a client to do an investigation on a man named Sakagami Youichi. The story line, as dark as it gets, at the very least it doesn’t let the hell break loose that the ending akkutou a screw up one.

Do feel free to direct people over to this post if needed. This is the usual Tackey smile that we see!

Learn how your comment data is processed. Look at that expression, menacing eh?

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alutou So traumatized that he grew up carrying the hatred and desire for revenge. And just from the prologue itself, which only told of what happened 15 years ago, I found myself wanting to read on. Why did I watch this SP drama? Hi Paula, the MF links should work for non premium accounts.


I even cringe but at the same time it tells you how horrible dramq it is and what impact does it leave on the victims and the family. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

This character never made it to the screen. He handled all the heavy and emotional scenes really well. Thank you, thank you so much to all the people who worked on this dorama…. After watching it, I was kinda blank in the mind. Thanks so much to Marie for helping with the translations, and to Bon-chan for helping with the edit! Is it just my feeling or not, the ending is rather cliffhanger. Just drop in to express my thanks for your great effort to spread the love for this gorgeous, wonderful man.

[LQ] Akutou (Drama SP) –

He won’t seek forgiveness or hope that the victim’s family members forgive him, hence he has no remorse. Shuichi himself has a dark past of finding his own sister’s dead body after 3 under aged boys gang raped and killed her.

They wanted to see whether or not he deserved to be forgiven. Thank you anyway for trying to help. I akutuo this scene, his dilemma, contemplating whether to cross the line or not.

Something Obsession: Akutou (Drama Special)

I’d think this can be a message of encouragement to those that become a victim of some bad circumstances or event. More dark expressions, so intense! Kudos to Kaname Jun here, he’s really good in akitou drama as Sakagami. I uninstall the bar lol and tried the other link the MF mirror one and it didnt work. There are reviews saying that the first half is good but the other half is sort of lost its appeal. What’s good about this drama? This drama focus not on the criminal but on the victim’s family because the victim are dead already and their revenge.


But for Saeki himself, he agreed because he could relate to the pain of losing a loved one. This movie proves that with an excellent writing, great camera work dramaa strong cast can be as good or even better than higher budgeted movies. So bitter and sounds so screw up as well.

Off course, the pulling factor is none other than Tackey. Fuji TV Air Date: Also kudos to Kaname Jun as well. Thank you Mich and crama team!!! Does the mega link for part work for you? I hope it work on my mac. I definitely now need sparkling rainbow and glitters and will have Arashi’s Kohaku performance on repeat to remedy what I just watched. This is going to be a good Takki-year, right? I really want to watch this special.

Aoutou means serious business yo! Well, you may feel like it if you keep on expecting a screw up ending, but I don’t because I seriously hope Shuichi doesn’t do anything stupid or equally evil as those criminals.