1/4. The grey layer is iodine crystals If this is the case. heat the mixture at ° F for 30 minutes in order to free the contents. For OTC . Drug cookbook. uploaded by. Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture. Pages·· MB· Downloads. @ Web site: nics. Uncle Fester Secrets Of. Uncle Fester Cookbook Papers and Research, find free PDF download from the original PDF search engine. uncle festers cookbook. uncle festers cookbook pdf.

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Then the sodium metal cree are scooped out with a spoon and put in the ml flask. Solvent is added to each of the Erlen- meyer flasks until the volume of liquid is ml. Toluene is cheaper, and less of it is needed because it evaporates more slowly during the Filtering process. Thanks for the info on big batches. Then uncle festers cookbook free times that volume of ether is added.

Soon the mixture begins boiling.

Uncle Fester’s Drug Chemistry Books – free in PDF format : TheeHive

Why must the phenylacetone be distilled under a vacuum? Public uncle festers cookbook free and a practical demonstration of their impotence are the only things which politicians and police-staters dread: Just before I got arrested, 1 was measuring the pH of the mixture, and I believe that it changes every day. This forces the chemist to do the distilling close to the source of the vac- uum.

This causes the bubbles to break. When the sodium hydroxide solution gets very hot, the chemist stops adding the reaction mixture to it until it cools down again.

About 15 ml of solvent is poured into the Erlenmeyer flask. These substances all uncle festers cookbook free very different boiling tem- peratures. The chemist takes his time working up to this temperature because uncle festers cookbook free amount and quality of the product depends on it. Next, the toluene solution uncle festers cookbook free the phenyl- acetone is poured into a distilling flask, and a dis- tillation is done, just like in the recipe using pyri- dine.

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The chemist now has a choice to make. The idea here is simple. I used to make quarter pound gr batches regularly, and we used dry HCI to fesfers. The re- action fseters on here is methamphetamine formyl amide reacting with hydrochloric acid to produce methamphetamine hydrochloride and formic acid. A good way to get ice cold water for the condenser is to get a couple of 5-gallon pails.

It is now ready to be distilled, and stray water must be removed beforehand. This takes about 60 seconds. Dear Uncle Fester, Thanks for the information.

The standard ffree glassware kit uncle festers cookbook free for use in uncle festers cookbook free distillations and reactions has become very risky and difficult to obtain unclee any method other than theft or diversion from a friendly source. After it has cooled down, the mixture is shaken for 3 minutes to make sure that all the methamphet- amine hydrochloride has been converted to free base.

Two advantages are obvious here. It is swirled around a little bit to try to get uncle festers cookbook free of the N-methylformamide dissolved into the water.

Water must be flowing through the shorter condenser at about one gallon per minute. But they are not added until 20 minutes after the boiling stops; otherwise they could produce a geyser of hot freee. The methylamine bubbling into the formic acid produces a cloud of white gas inside the flask containing the formic acid. He puts it on the scale and weighs it. When the boiling stops, the vacuum hose is dis- connected from the glassware. Eye protection is al- ways worn when working with sodium.

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Then the temperature shown on the thermometer begins to climb. It should still look cpokbook beer. The water can now be thrown away. The filter cake can now be dumped out onto uncle festers cookbook free glass or China plate not plastic by tipping the Buchner funnel upside-down uncle festers cookbook free tapping it gently on the plate.


He stops at a few bars and leaves uncle festers cookbook free the back exit. Later in this chapter. The latest editions of each of Uncle Fester’s books, see: The aim of the system is to produce a disarmed and dumbcd-down populace, a goal which is being achieved to an alarming degree. Waste Exchanges A really great source of chemicals which has appeared in the last few years is the surplus mar- ket. The way it works is easy to understand.

If that does not dissolve it all, he adds another 1 00 ml of water.

Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th Edition

At the end of the cook, allow the flask to cool, fee pour the feeters mixture into a gallon of cold wa- ter. The magnetic stirring bar does not go in the oven either. Back in, I think it wasI tried this recipe using a standard round bottom flask, which 1 just uncle festers cookbook free upon uncle festers cookbook free magnetic stirrer hot plate, and began to cook.

The distilling flask is now cool, so vacuum is applied to the glassware at full strength.

Potassium permanganate kg F. Another necessary piece of equipment is a sin- gle-burner element buffet range with infinite tem- perature control.

The dissolution of NaOH in water produces a great deal of heat.

Want to add to the discussion? The toluene layer is poured into the mi flask along with the rest of the methamphetamine. The flask is then assem- bled with the 50 cm condenser and uncle festers cookbook free vacuum adapter, as shown in Figure 9. With a knife cookboook the silverware drawer, the cakes arc cut into eighths.