The Blessing and the Curse has ratings and 18 reviews. Ava Brightly ☕ said: When I say Fan Fiction, you have to be sleeping under a rock if you dont. The Blessing and the Curse has ratings and 18 reviews. By pretending she is falling for Edward, Bella is fulfilling Esme’s dying wish. But sexy, poss. 27 Feb Summary: By pretending she is falling for Edward, Bella is fulfilling Esme’s dying wish. But sexy, possessive Edward can read her mind.

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A twisted and unique connection between the characters But as she trailed her mouth down lower, his muscles trembled under her lips. This was one instance where it may have been better if the souls had never found each other, but, as always, they had been dragged together like black magnets.

The hand that wasn’t holding her wrists had drifted up slowly, drawing webs of sensation across wnd stomach and ribs, before he delved his fingers deep into the plush warmth between her breasts.

Edward made an inhuman noise as he struggled with himself, forced his hand to deliberately loosen her wrists. I know what you’re thinking She didn’t like it. You’re actually mine,” she panted between his hard thrusts.

Her eyes opened, and his heart flipped as he heard the answer to all his questions before her mouth could form the sound. Ill unabashedly admit, Ive probably read a good stories. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

His voice was velvet against her lips. One person out there, tied to them, the missing piece of their soul. What else could explain that feeling of incompletion, the need to search, to scour the globe until the puzzle piece is found?


They lay, bare and shivering, and Edward laid his face upon her heart, willing her to walk towards him, not to turn back and leave him alone. A hunched black crow watched them as it gripped the mildewed cracked stone spout on the corner of amd roof.

Major Misconduct by m The best written fanfic in the fandom.

The Blessing And The Curse by The Black Arrow (@Sally__Thorne) ~ Complete « TwiFanfictionRecs

The characterization of the characters was familiar but also somewhat new. Not a Toy 6. Will she ever get into his?

Dance With Me by tinaababy. Apr 13, La Contessa rated it it was amazing. She covered herself, suddenly blafk, and he rolled his eyes at her, tapping her hands away as he pushed up to kneel the blessing and the curse by the black arrow over her, blocking out the almost blinding sunrise light filtering in through the window behind him.

A dark, possessive Edward and a smart but slightly naive Bella. Have I found you? Give in to me. Jul 25, Lynnett rated it liked it. Cotton sheets drying on thd line he passed, each footstep significant and like a mistake being put right. Story Story Writer Forum Community. I found a fanfiction group. Ive read the big, the epic, sweet, mysterious, or stories written with amazing prose and depth.

It was the most skin contact they had ever had and the shock was as potent as a burn. He seemed expectant- waiting for some sort of signal, or choice? He paused as he considered this. The atmosphere suddenly blistered as she pulled back slightly to stare at him, her mind reeling.


The fathomless beauty of her heart; the only tne thing he had ever wanted. And the urge was strong.

Jan 07, Laxmama rated it really liked it Shelves: M for language, sexuality, and hlessing underage drinking. She crawled up over him, bracing her trembling arms on either side of his face as he watched with eyes more bronze than green.

He shook the cloth from his wrists and they knelt in front of each other in the centre of the bed, panting. The knowledge terrified and empowered him. Years later, she comes back engaged to another man, finally content in the fact that she has a choice in the bj.

The Blessing and the Curse

She looks like me, Edward thought as she dropped her mouth to his again. May 18, Shonelle rated it it was amazing. Well, I’m one of those people that likes Twilight, and I’m not ashamed I’m a little bit ashamed to say it. More or Less Was she rushing forwards, trying to keep a step cursee of her guilt? Learn how your comment data is processed. Will they be strong enough to handle a threat from his past?