While on one hand I felt that the killing of Planning Officer Hyun was not necessary the fingerprint papers could have just be stolen and destroyed , it brought Eun Bok to the level of Min, so that we can see the parallel of how over time, because of the love and acceptance of his brother, because he was not labelled a monster and he was given a choice instead of being forced, he could choose to a more difficult path of taking responsibility that would lead to long-lasting happiness. This is honestly the first of his shows that I’ve seen save one episode of the King’s Face and I was blown away by his level and intensity. Very realistic and touching. I hope this writer gets another show soon and maintains this sort of quality. So-far, only Ji-An can make him relax and be himself, she is also the home where Min should be in one day, after he served his sentence. Many people want to him never killed people to begin with. Retrieved from ” https: I was a fan of most of the guys already, but have become a big fan of Jang Nara.

Rejoyce your recaps are really good, you dont skimp over the details which i love. Yet, he played drastically different roles. Menci August 13, at 7: No one is blaming Hyun for Min’s issues, other than Hyun himself. I’ve gained new appreciation and respect for all the actors, staff and crew involved. The uniqueness and freshness of the somewhat open ending of this drama was surprising because I was expecting and dreading Min’s death and I was excited at the prospect of the team finally capturing Lee Joon Young.

But you’re right they were nice. Dunno, that’s how I feel. The uniqueness and freshness of the somewhat open ending of this drama was surprising because I was expecting and dreading Min’s death and I was excited at the prospect ydar the team finally capturing Lee Joon Young.

Apple May eyar, at 1: Min turning himself is not what many people here wanting to happen so that happen. Thank you so much everyone! Going to keep an eye out for her future projects now. It was sinopxis self hypnosis to deny what you are. Sinoppsis show knew exactly where it was going and where it wanted to end up from the start.


Ha, and now, Min wants to do all of them. I’ve gained new appreciation and respect for all the actors, staff and crew involved.

Maybe we can concentrate a little more on the romance as well then. It has brought together seamlessly all that I feel are cardinal sinopssis in a drama: What a feat presenting this level of sjnopsis show in the current Korean drama industry. The way I see it, the writer had a choice between insisting to the viewer that life is always tragic thereby: The complexity and thrill of this drama astounded me sometimes because I was expecting a flawed police procedural drama because that was all I had ever seen so far.

The rest of the team interrogates Eun-bok, who stubbornly refuses to spill the beans about Joon-young. That tells you exactly what will happen, no need to repeat it.

Hyun can set that example partly during jailhouse visits and fine-tune the borrowed compass, but “don’t kill people” is a wide enough directive that I think Min could stick to it after Hyun’s death. Hyun tells Min to ignore anything that Joon-ho says, and he agrees.

Sinopsis Drama Hundred Year Inheritance (Tamat)

I honestly wrote over 12, words in my series review so I’ve split it into four parts The team: He ignored when Joon-Ho told him the truth about his life, too. They pull away and smile bashfully at each other, and then Hyun holds her face in his hands, and swoops in for the winner. Despite the disappointment in the ratings, you did not fail to disappoint your solid fans!

That is my observation about Min attitude to Ji An.

This conscience has been guiding him to feed the Good wolf inside him all these good 20 years. It shows that life goes on. Enjoyed EVERY epone of the 16 episodes which is somwhat raw for me as i tend to skip one or two episodes of other drama when they get repetitive.

Min didn’t die, AND is turning himself in which was really the only way to get him in jail, as his crimes were perfectAND Hyun can visit him all the time!


Remembering, not just relating to the past, it motivate what you choose to be in future. Yes, amen to this. CWY has rised his own bar! The acting was superb, seemed like everyone was at their very best.

Loved the cast – they did a great job and the production team too. Maybe he regretted it but not enough to give up on his life. Thank you for great recap! The two wrestle to the ground, and while Min manages to grab Joon-ho from the back, Joon-ho gains the upper hand and punches Min to the ground.

Sinopsis Drama Hundred Year Inheritance (Tamat) |

Lee Hyun Woo mention it in one of his interview. Based on his past experiences. That’s how I interpreted anyhow.

And while Min says he only killed bad people, the kid who came to stab Joon Young makes it clear that “bad” is not a good enough reason.

Bromance and romance are really the two sides of the same coin, although he romance did take a back seat for this show.

I miss the brothers on my screen: I think her character is an exceptional role model because not only was she a smart police officer with a strong sense of justice, she was never sinopeis and also gave into her emotions and conflicted internally like any other human being. Kudos for the nuanced acting, lovable layered characters and overall team work that made this year of drama viewing hunered worthwhile!

God I was episose so happy that he lived. I can honestly say that this drama had risen to be my favorite drama of so far and one of my all time favorites. Min repeats his promise that his last murder will be Joon-ho, and tells him to think of it as the price to pay for separating the brothers for 20 years.