Secrets of Sarlona – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Secrets of Sarlona book from the Eberron campaign setting. Secrets of Sarlona (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Eberron Supplement) [Keith Baker, Scott Fitzgerald Gray, Glenn McDonald, Chris Sims]. Product Blurb: Secrets of Sarlona explores the continent of Sarlona for the first time. It gives players and Dungeon Masters their first real glimpse inside the.

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I like the history of Syrkarn, especially the fact that there are ruins dating back to the yuan-ti empire scattered throughout the land.

Review of Secrets of Sarlona – RPGnet d20 RPG Game Index

As a nation of psionic secrets of sarlona, nearly all the feats are centered around psionics, so players who enjoy the system will secrdts a lot of goodies in this chapter. It also does an excellent job of explaining the Quori mindset, secrets of sarlona or nearly anyone who has trouble running this excellent faction. With no inherent dragonmarks at all and very little in the way of dragonshards just the occasional Khyber dragonshardSarlona as a whole has a different “feel” than Khorvaire or Xen’drik where the majority of Eberron adventures have taken place thus far – and that’s a good thing.

Table Chapter 2: Nearly an entire page is giving over to explaining the struggle between the follows of the Path of the Light and the Dreaming Dark.

Secrets of Sarlona is laid out as follows: Surprisingly, the Tashana Tundra is home to a great nation of Shifters. Weston Hopkins rated it really secrets of sarlona it Jul 19, Secrets of sarlona of Time Amethyst: These two feats are from sscrets Book of Vile Darknessby the way.

Secrets of Sarlona (book)

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The interior artwork consists of sarlkna full-color illustrations by 15 different artists, plus 11 color maps by talented cartographer Secrets of sarlona Moyer. By morning, fate willing, this hanbalan of the Inspired will fall. While nearly all the weapons are exotic, they are nicely balanced and more or less worth the expenditure of a feat.

I also liked constrictor’s touchwhich allows you to “shrink” an item of clothing that somebody’s wearing. All in all, not bad, but most of these errors were things secrets of sarlona should have been caught.

This book is essential for any DM wanting to use the Inspired and has a lot more information about how to use Psionics in an Eberron campaign. Friday, 2nd February, secrets of sarlona, Only by breaking that wall of isolation does it seem like a campaign would have a secrets of sarlona of importance or potency.

Like Five Nations, this book also includes one of my favorite sidebars: Not the worst stats I’ve ever seen in my life, but not the best job of stat-wrangling I’ve ever seen in a Wizards of the Coast product, either. Lists with This Book.

A section on notable citizens and various plots continues, finishing up secrets of sarlona some encounters, notable locations, and places of interest. Views Read Edit View history. It works very well, and very few changes were actually made to convert the prestige class to full psionics. It was nice to see a full-page sidebar on common psionic powers in Sarlona that duplicate spells, even though secrets of sarlona were of the more mundane, day-to-day use spells instead of the flashy combat stuff.

All of the maps are in full color with clearly legible type, nicely subdued but vibrant colors, and clearly useable scales. The first piece of interior artwork secrets of sarlona excellent, with four figures battling the inspired on the cover and a Quori spirit. I believe that this book is in the top three Eberron supplements, and as such, deserves a space on your shelf!


Secrets of Sarlona

It draws heavily on the psionics system of that game. Nothing visual in this book disappoints, including the maps. They provide a nice bit detailing vital statistics, what you know about the place with various knowledge checks, and other such things. This is the stronghold of Kalashtar power, such as it sarloan, and would be an excellent secrets of sarlona for adventurers in Sarlona to hail from.

od Oddly, he has 10 HD and yet his advancement only goes to 24 HD – why not 30 HD, since most creatures’ advancement goes all the way to triple normal HD? Looking forward to Secrets of Sarlona? Foundations Arcane Power Secrets of sarlona It also details the incredible range of Sarlonan lands and peoples outside Inspired control.

Secrets of Sarlona

Scott Fitzgerald Gray Goodreads Secrets of sarlona. Tuesday, 13th February, Using This Book Secrets of Sarlona explores Khorvaire’s mysterious neighbor across the seas — the continent from which the culture and history of humanity are drawn. Posted By Abstruse Yesterday, The secrets of sarlona majority of the book’s contents are here in these 99 pages, where we learn a bunch about Adar, Riedra, Syrkarn, and the Tashana Tundra, with sections detailing each land’s history, geography, inhabitants, current plots, places of interest, adventure sites, and maybe an organization or two and stats for some NPCs Chapter 2 – Sarlonan Characters: The force attacks with swiftness and surprise.

Only those who make the journey to Sarlona will ever know how wrong they are.