Schlumberger Log Interpretation Charts. uploaded by. uploader avatar ice_PL · Introduction to Wireline Log Analysis_baker. uploaded by. uploader. Schlumberger log interpretation charts. Front Cover. Schlumberger Limited. Schlumberger, – Science – pages from Sonic Log and SNP Sidewall. Title, Log interpretation charts. Author, Schlumberger Well Services. Publisher, Schlumberger Well Services, Original from, Cornell University. Digitized.

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Values calculated by each method in the Gevanim Formation were also similar, but lower than the measured value.

We tested this model in four deep boreholes, penetrating the Gevanim Anisian and the Heletz Neocomian formations in Israel. Schlumberger log interpretation charts links open overlay panel Ronit Nativ a Haim Fligelman b. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.

These parameters were later incorporated into the modified Smits equations. The modified approach takes into account effects of the clay mineral content and its electrochemical features on the electrochemical potential.


Log interpretation charts – Schlumberger Well Services – Google Books

Under these circumstances, the modified Smits model offers no advantage over the traditional method. Cookies are used by this site. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

In this study we adopted and modified Smits’ model for the interpretation of groundwater conductivity which can be correlated with salinity. Formation-water resistivity was calculated using both the traditional and the modified Smits models. Cores sampled charrs each formation were analysed schlumberger log interpretation charts minerals as well as for cation exchange capacity, porosity and bulk density.

Schlumberger log interpretation charts – Schlumberger Limited – Google Books

Abstract Groundwater salinity in deep formations containing saline fluids can be estimated using SP logs. We assume that the reason is that schlumbergeg these formations the shale acts as a perfect membrane. Findings in the two different formations suggest that the modified Smits model does not provide the log interpreter schlumberger log interpretation charts a more accurate analytical tool.


Salinity values in the Heletz Formation calculated by each of these methods were schlumberger log interpretation charts, and very close to the measured values obtained from chemical analysis of sampled formation water. However, values of groundwater salinity calculated using traditional methods often deviate from measured values of sampled groundwater.

Groundwater salinity in deep formations containing saline fluids can be estimated using SP logs. For more information, visit the cookies page. Whereas Smits’ theoretical model schlumberger log interpretation charts tested under laboratory conditions, its validity under field conditions was never established.