Similarly the active nouns Mufsid one who corrupts and Salih one who is virtuous and pious are used in the Qur’an to highlight the contrast in these two personalities. Synonym Fi 7 also means activity, action and performance. Vocabulary, however, is not defined by the dictionary alone; that may well be only a surface meaning. The advice in this respect is to avoid them. Worthless and futile religion which is destined to be destroyed and annihilated by the force of truth al-Isra The Qur’an also categorically refutes duality the ancient Persian concept that there is one God of Good and another God of Evil and the Christian concept of the Trinity.

People are urged to reflect on the Qur’anic verses to attain insight. Qaddoura for typesetting and the staff of Kube Publishing for undertaking its production. Hence Ta l dhib means to keep someone hungry and awake. If one is satisfied that there is no shame in doing something one should do it. One is required to don a pair of the unstitched white sheets of cloth called Ihrdm, thus eliminating all differences of culture, race, class, nationality and age. It is the personal name of the Creator of the Universe. All Messengers of Allah from Adam peace be upon him to Muhammad peace be upon him conveyed the same Message: For this reason he pins his hopes and efforts on transitory things which do not endure for long but he neglects things of lasting value, which come slowly but surely but can only be seen in the Hereafter.

Those who went through their lives in transgression and wrongdoing will face torments in barzakh.

It is noteworthy that the author has used authentic original and secondary sources in order nlsa explain and convey the intended meaning. Kayd El-Nisaa — 4. It is human beings who create mischief on land and sea by transgressing the limits set by Allah al-Rum In the first verse of Surah al-Furqan Allah says: Can such words regain their power without being understood in the contemporary context?


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The word Khaba to fail is used as opposite of afldha in Surah al-Shams Then, there are other verses called mutashabihat, allegorical or ambiguous, whose meanings are not well established, as they relate to the things that cannot be perceived by human beings. Those who incurred Allah’s wrath are those who were deprived of His Favours and received punishment: Episodw should not be influenced by rich and powerful people or by compassion for someone’s poverty al-Nisa 4: For ease of reference there are indexes of both the Arabic and English terms.

It is usually ap when dealing with people and implies delivering to them whatever they have entrusted to others.

In the Qur’an Allah kayf The Qur’an is Dhikr as it reminds us of our covenant with Allah for His worship and obedience as well as of kaud responsibility in this world.

Introduction For example, at one time, La ildha ilia Lldh possessed the meanings which could shake its hearers. The life on the earth consists of a series of trials. The absolute command on that Day is Allah s. Likewise, the translators of the Qur’an into English have translated the word Taqwd in various ways.

These words are followed by a long list of unlawful food and prohibited acts. He is the sole Sovereign, the Mightiest, the Greatest and His Rule should override all human affairs. As all acts of Allah are based on justice and fairness those who are misguided are responsible for their own misguidance. Arabs before the revelation of the Qur’an also considered Allah in this sense. I would like to quote Khurram Murad again, who has described this problem very succinctly in his Introduction kahd the work cited above: Within the meaning of Din, the obedience to Allah’s Messengers is implied.


Kayd El-Nisaa

Last, but not the least, I am most grateful to Dr. The Companions’ act of loyalty and bravery was praised in the Qur’an al-Fath A Vocabulary of Culture and Society. In Surah al-Balad after description of such deeds as the freeing of slaves, feeding the poor and helping orphans 20 I Amanah and the down-trodden it is said: For the success of the believers in this world, the Qur’an uses the terms Fath victory and Nusrat support.

This explains that birr covers all acts of righteousness and good deeds but in its specific meaning it requires fulfilling one’s responsibilities and obligations as sanctioned by the shari’ah.

If something is unlawful, then whatever leads to it is likewise prohibited. The book contains two indexes, one for Arabic and the other for English terms. The literal meaning of Barzakh is interval, gap, break, as well as partition, barrier or obstruction.

Analysis The Qur’an has explained the attributes and character as well as adab manners of making du ‘am a number of places: One cannot plead ignorance of one’s obligations. Hudud Allah are the limits set by Allah which should not be transgressed al-Baqarah 2: See also Mujizah D.