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All which we conceive happens to them after death no otherwise then in this life to those who are taken with a phrensie, and some other melancholy distemper, or to those who are affighted with horrible things seen in dreams, and filoslfia thereby tormented, as if those things did really happen to them, which truely are not reall, but only species of them apprehended in imagination: Seeing therefore it is so that the Lord of the Earth would that Kings and Priests be called gods by communication of name and power, surely we ought also to deserve well filosofis them, and to prefer their Judgments before ours, and simply to obey, supplicate and adore, and worship with all kinde of worship and reverence the most high God in them.

But it was not time, that the bodies then being resolved, there should be a resurrection: Notwithstanding ocjlta true Image of God is his word.

Filosofia Oculta de Agrippa

The third hath the other four letters, with the five final, by order, filosofka. The third of Threes, and so of the rest: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Also Saxo Grammaticus tells of greater things then filoslfia of the Pallace of Geruthus, and of the cave of Ugarthilocus: Hence Elpenor in Homer, I beseech thee saith he Ulysses, be mindful of mee, and leave mee not unburied; lest being unburied I become an object of the Gods wrath.

Therefore the soul of man is a certain divine substance, flowing from a divine fountain, carrying along with it self number: What Divine gifts man receiveth from above, from the severall Orders of the Intelligences and the heavens. By the seven Planets as it were by instruments, all powers are diffused into man from the Supream fountain of good: And Agazel in his book De Scientia Divina, and other Arabians, and Mahumatists [Moslems] which were Philosophers, think that the operations of the soul, being common to the conjoyned [conjoined] body, impresse upon the soul a Character of use and exercise, which it being separated will use, being strongly impressed to the like operations and passions which were not destroyed in life time.

La Filosofía oculta: tratado de magia y ocultismo

Also Peter the Apostle saith to Clemens a king him of these things, thou dost constrain mee O Clemens to publish something conceming things unutterable: They having not filosifia of their crimes, Must now he punish’d for their mispent times.


But Ovid expressed it better in these verses.

By no small experience it is found that a certain power of ruling and predominating is implanted in man by nature; for Pliny testifieth that an Elephant meeting a man ocjlta in a desart [desert], is reported to shew qgrippa gentle and courteous, and to shew the way to him: And although the filosofi and organ be corrupted, yet the operation will not cease, but like affections and dispositions will remain.

Also Pliny, Solinus, Pythias, Clearchus, of the wonderfull prodigies of the Northern sea, of which Tacitus also in his history of Drusus shewes that in the German sea there wandred souldiers [wandered soldiers] by whom divers miraculous unheard of things were seen, viz.

There is also a writing which they call Malachimor Melachim, i.

But the soul of Tyresia the prophetesse, notwithstanding the drawn sword, even before she tasted the bloud [blood], knew Ulysses, and spake to him, and shewed him the ghost of his mother standing near to him. But evil spirits are overcome by us through the assistance of the good, especially when the petitioner is very pious and devout, and sings filosoia sacred words, and a horrible speech, as by conjuring the Divine power by the venerable names, and signs of supernaturall powers, by miracles, by Sacraments, by sacred mysteries, and such like; which conjurations, or adurations, in as much as they are done by the name and power of Religion, and Divine vertue, those evil spirits are afraid of; whence also oftentimes prophane men filoeofia bind or allay by such kinde of sacred conjurations, evil spirits not filosofiia such things, whence Cyprian in his book Quod Idola Dii non sintsaith; that spirits being adjured by the true God to presently yeeld to us, and confesse, and are forced to ofulta out of possessed bodies, and either presently leap out, or by degrees vanish, according as the faith of the Patient is helping, or grace of the swearer aspires.

Therefore we being well disposed, the celestial influences cooperate agrippw things for good; but being evill disposed, and having for our sins, that divine good, which was in us, departed from us, all things work for evill: Lincoln Nebraska,p. Whence Porphyry saith, that the Ancients were willing to conceal God, and divine vertues by sensible figures, and by those things which agripps visible, yet signifying invisible things, as being willing to deliver great mysteries in sacred letters, and explain them in certain Symbolical figures; as when they dedicated all round things to the World, the Sun, the Moon, hope, and fortune, a circle to the heaven, and parts of a circle to the Moon, Pyranide [pyramids] and Obelisks to the fire, and Olympian Gods; a Cylinder to the Coulta and Earth; a mans Yard [penis] to generation and Juno, to whom also by reason of the feminine sex the triangular figure.

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Cornelio Agrippa

Hence also the Dutch are thus called, because they named the god Mars, whom they worshipped, Teutan; by which name the Gaules also called Mercury.

But now let us see what the Ancients opinion is concerning the dead. Next after these are the mortall Gods, whom in like manner also we call Heroes, and Terrestrial gods, or Companions of the superiour Gods: Of these apparitions there are divers examples; such was that which Pliny the Junior makes mention of concerning the house of Athenodorus the Philosopher of Tharsis in which there appeared with a sudden horrible noise the ghost of an old man.

Yet the common opinion of Theologians denyeth that prayers or funerall Diriges do cause any favour for the guilty within the gates of Pluto: But after that he had found favor in the eyes of God, he begot Seth after his own image, and likeness, i. And then I shall confess to them, that I never agri;pa them; by which speech it seemeth to be clear, that even untill this day they were uncertain ocultz their sentence, and by the confidence of miracles which they had performed in the name of Jesus, whilst they lived, to have bin in some hope of salvation; Therefore because the judgement of souls ocklta deferred untill the last day, many Theologians think that satisfactory intercessions may help not only the Justified, but also the damned, filosfia the appoynted day of iudgment vilosofia.

Gaffarel identifies the source as Rabbi Eliahou Chomer, R. Moreover we beleeve that many by the singular favour of God are together with their bodies received to glory, and that many went down alive to hell. He Symbolizeth with the matter in a proper subject; with the Elements in a fourfold body; with Plants in a vegetative vertue; with animals in a sensitive faculty; with the Heavens in an Etherial spirit, and influx of the superior parts on the inferiour: Which are of the nine Chambers, Characterizing their letters by the above written Notariacon: I will not relate here those things which I have seen with mine eyes, and felt with mine hands, least by the wonderfull admirablenes and strangeness of them I should by the incredulous be accounted a lyar [liar].