Soon, a suspicious death and substantial life insurance policy embroil him in a scandal. Tian Zhuangzhuang’s work has The images of the region’s topography are as spectacular as you’d expect from the director of Horse Thief Eli Morgan Gesner Stars: You can view the first half of it here no English or subtitles in English. But the inhabitants of this remote place are a mixed lot: But this is a release that you can enjoy for its menus alone.

A rogue soldier turned outlaw is thrust into a relentless fight with a corrupt sheriff, his obedient deputies, and a dangerous drug cartel in order to protect his sister and her young daughter. PG 88 min Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Definitely not to be missed. In terms of sheer horror and terror, I prefer in some respects The Cineseizure of Martin Arnold, an Austrian experimental filmmaker who manipulates fragments of black-and-white Hollywood features through optical printing and editing, and has an uncanny aptitude for turning Hollywood domestic dreams into the most unsettling nightmares imaginable. The documentary runs for minutes. PG min Action, Comedy. Director, Screenplay Tian Zhuangzhuang. If the substratum of cinematic work was made up simply of plot convolutions unraveling on the screen, then we could just annex the Seventh Art to literature, be content with illustrating novels and short stories which is precisely what happens to a great many films we do not admire , and hand over Cahiers to literary critics.

The finest documentary China has ever produced in years of filmmaking. One of the oldest caravan routes englsih Asia, the film documents one such caravan as it transfers raw material to a modern construction site. PG 96 min Comedy. PG 92 min Animation, Adventure, Comedy. R min Comedy, Drama, War.


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Your email address will not be published. Simply put, subtitles elevate the viewing experience. But this second feature of his is the one that affords me the most pleasure, for many reasons.

There, an ancient road connects Yunnan province with eastern Tibet: Brown novel–gets a superbly letterboxed mounting on this French DVD, which is reason enough to recommend this release. Read our privacy policy.

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Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven’t rated, etc. From Tian Zhuangzhuang, the director of Horse Thief, comes this unique re-telling of the long reign of Tz’u-hsi, the Empress Dowager of turn-of-the-century China, as seen through the memory of Li Lian In Pittsburgh, accomplished pathologist Dr.

You specify the language you’re looking for when you do your search. If you only watch movies and TV shows as subtitles are released as opposed to when the movies and TV episodes first releasethen these pages can come in quite handy. Not Rated 93 min Documentary, Music. Melvin, a reluctant Superhero, lives only for crime, women and drugs – until he realises that the only way he will ever get to see his estranged son is to go straight and fulfil his potential as a crime fighter.

Now he must beat the clock and save the innocent child.

IMDb user rating average 1 1. Led by the enigmatic command But this is a release that you can enjoy for its menus alone. As his wedding day approaches, Ben heads to Miami with his soon-to-be brother-in-law James to bring down a drug dealer who’s supplying the dealers of Atlanta with product. And he also virtually launches in this movie the Hollywood trend of associating naughty sex with Continental Europe that later directors delmau as Ernst Lubitsch and Josef von Sternberg would also adopt and build upon.


The Subtitlees of the Krays min Crime 4. Four young men make a risky investment together that puts them in trouble with the mob.

Tian films his villagers in long takes, in available light, framed in doorways, against rocks or by flickering fires, painting portraits that vie in texture and complexity with his more purely scenic compositions. Alfred covers for him while Nightwing and Robin patrol Gotham City in his stead.

R 93 min Action, Crime, Thriller. Gee Malik Linton Stars: Robin is sent to work with the Teen Titans after his volatile behavior botches up a Justice League mission.

An engaging portrait emerges of a people quite different from any we have seen before in China. Blind Husbands was the feature of Stroheim, one of their favorite directors, that they unexpectedly selected. A guy gets more than he bargained for after entering into an affair with the wife of an investment banker. The Titans must then step up to face Trigon after he possesses the League and threatens to conquer the world.