12 Apr beloved movie and a new infectious score, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR. Enjoy reading the script and listening along to the downloadable. They name it Chitty Chitty Bang Bang after the sounds it makes when starting up. Boris and Goran .. A page from Molli’s Pinocchio script. She highlighted the. 2 Mar Based on the book by Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, written for his son, the much loved film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was part of.

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Looks to me as if you’ll have to walk or swim. Filled with amazing stage spectacle and unforgettable songs, including the Academy Award-nominated title song, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a high-flying, fun-filled adventure for the entire family.

That must be worth a fortune. At last it’s mine. Like ampfibial English motee car. It’s more than spectacular To use the vernacular – It’s wizard! A story about pirates? I simply must find something for you. Go inside, my little dears. And leave Grandpa up in the castle? But Mr Coggins says if we asked you Second section, over there. Don’t be sad, Daddy. May I see the managing director? Don’t you know where we’re chitty chitty bang bang script That’s a clever thing to do.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR. | MTI Europe

Children, where are you? Why don’t you sleep in the workshop?

Here is your laboratory. I have an idea. Who wants sweets with holes in them?

Take a fantastic musical adventure with an out-of-this-world car that flies through the air and sails the hcitty. We’ll get you out of here. You all stay here.

Read Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR. For FREE! Now Available for Licensing

It’s time you woke up. You ought to exercise more control over them.

And this is the baronial car. I’m hardly In the mood for a picnic. Call out the guards! And look at the mess I’m in, too. Mr Coggins is selling it to the junkman. Don’t worry, little pigeon. And don’t make a sound.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR.

Would it be too much to ask what this is? To me the answer’s clear It’s having someone near Someone dear Chitty chitty bang bang script to care for, to be there chitty chitty bang bang script I have you two Someone to do chittj, muddle through for I have you two Someone to share banf or despair with Whichever betides you Life becomes a chore Unless you’re living for Someone to tend to, be a friend to I have you two Someone to strive for, do or die for I have you two Could be we three get along so famously Cos you two have me And I have you two, too Hurray!


There isn’t a scrap of food in the place.