22 Sep Abstract The Project ‘Automatic Room Light Controller Using microcontroller ATMEGA16A and bidirectional visitor counter’ controls a room light. 16 Jun Automatic Room Lighting with Bidirectional Visitor Counter can be used Here is the circuit of water level controller using https://www. Implementation of Automatic Room Light. Controller with Visitor Counter Design using. Microcontroller. 1, Bushra Begum 2, Sara Sultana3, .

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Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter

Hi Devang b conrroller, we have already included Light sensor to detect daytime. However it is not possible to add blood sensor in this project. Then set the resistance between pin 7 and 6 to Sir, is there any kind of programming also involved with the micro-controller 89s51 in this project? Hi mbavu, yes this is feasible.


So it can detect the person but it gets difficult to understand if the person is entering in the room or leaving the room. Is the programme is alredy dumped by you?

The RFID sensor will be placed outside the room for the Entry and the infrared sensors will be placed at side of the door for the exit operation. We will reply you total cost including shipping charges. In such places the power consumption of project is negligible as compare to the electricity wastage.

I have a question,have you calculated how much energy is saved by implementing this project. Aufomatic — Microcontroller sends the person count to LCD so that the person operating this project should read the number of persons inside the room.

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Automatic Room light Controller & Person Counter

Block Diagram of the project: We can implement this project using RFID reader. Hi sir, this project is almost well for us but i want to know about disadvantages for this project. Doubt concerning the placement of IR sensor in the door frame. Yes, we can do that. So the relay light will be turned on when there is darkness. Hi khushboo thakare, we can implement computer interfacing or GSM modem interfacing with this project.

Hey, If some enters half 1st sensor and return back, then another enters from other side half 2nd sensorIt could increase or decrease the count! We have not used any separate IC for the counting. Yes, this is possible. Sir can we increase maximum count of people upto 20 numbers 1 light should glow… Can we do it.?

To avoid this situation, sensors should be placed at the higher level auromatic ground. No, this project can not work for multiple rooms simultaneously. Automatic Room Light controller section — Microcontroller turns on the Room Light when person count is greater than or equal to one. If there is no gap between two persons, then Microcontroller will sense that only 1 person has entered into room.

We have used IR sensor as an Infrared receiver. But i have a question.

Loght acts as a switch. And in case of person leaving the room, sensor sequence will be as below: Kaya ap ya bna sakty hn?? In the website you have given a chart showing the placement of the circuit, in that picture the transmitter1 and receiver2 is on one side of the frame and vice versa.


Suppose two people walk into the room in matching steps interval will it sense one intrusion? It just responds to the IR rays falling on it. Hello sir I am a 9th standard student and was also thinking of this type of project onlyso I thought to check out that whether it is designed earlier or not this project is very helpful for me and I wanted to ask you that should i use this project to present in the science project exhibition or competition???

I have added image of how to install sensor on door on this webpage: What are the ways of avoiding false triggering? Advantages of the project: So if any animal crosses romo sensor then the visitor counter will be incremented or decremented depending on the direction and then lights will be turned on if count is greater than zero.

The microcontroller does the function of Reading the digital input from two infrared receivers and calculates the number of persons from them. But leaving the room, the infrared will do the task and the counter decrements. Relay provides isolation from the Microcontroller circuit. Hi im from malaysia, if i order this project, when can i kicrocontroller it?