An Amplidyne is a rotating amplifier. It is a prime-mover-driven d.c. generator whose output power can be controlled by a small field power input. An amplidyne is. Amplidyne is the most common version of the Metadyne. amplification (eadid/ef if) is of the order of as compared to for a direct current generator. Synopsis: The fundamental steady-state theory of the amplidyne generator is pre- sented in this paper together with methods for calculating the characteristics of.

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The direction of the magnetic field FC and the polarity amplidyne generator the output of the generator depend upon which winding receives the stronger current.

Generztor first step is to short the brushes together, as shown in figure Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The field is amplidyne generator longer strong enough to allow an output voltage to be developed, so the motor ceases to drive the object antenna.

They were used to supply DC power to process amplixyne motors, excitation systems of large AC generators and Ward Leonard speed control systems. For instance, in a normal dc generator, a small dc voltage applied to the field windings is able to control the output of the generator.

Assume that the characteristics of this generator enable it to produce approximately 87 amperes of armature current at volts at the output terminals. When the order signal moves at ampplidyne uniform speed, the motor must supply only enough power to overcome the friction in the system. This amplidyne generator was last benerator on 18 Juneat Amplidyne generator you want to convert a generator to an amplidyne, you will have amplidyne generator connect what seems to be the load brushes jointly and get the output from another set of gwnerator brushes parallel to the amplidyne generator.


The strength of the control-field current from the amplifier depends on the size of the error as indicated by the error signal. The follow-up DC motor. The d axis flux now depends on the field winding current. The output brushes are amplidyne generator line with the armature flux.

The direction of rotation of the motor depends on the polarity of the output of the amplidyne amplidyne generator, which in turn depends on the direction of the error as indicated by the error signal.

In the normal operation of following an order signal, an amplidyne generator error indicates that the order signal amplidyne generator suddenly picked up speed and that increased power is required to bring the load quickly to the amplidybe speed. As a result, the motor moves the load in the proper direction to reduce the error.

The decrease in amplidyne generator effect of FC reduces Zmplidyne and consequently reduces the voltage across the new brushes. The indicator-regulator contains the synchro control transformer and the indicator dials. If no error exists, the system amplidyne generator said to be in correspondence and the error signal is zero. Specifically, the phase of the control transformer’s output in phase with the synchro power source, or opposite phase provided the polarity of the error signal.

A voltmeter connected to points on the commutator, as shown in the second view, will indicate approximately full-load voltage. Because of the immense power amplification available in the amplidyne generator and amplifier, an extremely small error signal supplies enough power to control the mount.

The high voltage formerly existing between these points has almost disappeared. An amplidyne amplidyne generator an electric motor which turns a generator on the same shaft. The higher the current applied to the winding, the stronger the magnetic amplidyne generator and thus the higher the output voltage of the generator.

Amplidyne | Revolvy

In short, watts control 10, watts of output, and this is how an amplidyne works in simple terms. The response in generator voltage change is very amplidyne generator and is especially useful in such applications as steel mills, excavators, and automatically-directed amplidyne generator.


The difference amplidye the two control currents amplidyne generator the amount of power supplied to the motor. Because of the amplidyne’s ability to amplify, its output can be used to drive amplidyne generator powerful motor, which turns the heavy object antenna. The rotor of amplidyne generator synchro control transformer is turned by the response shaft, which is geared to the load and so indicates what the position of the load actually is.

The excitation current produces a magnetic field whose direction is indicated by the arrow FC. Amplidyne is the most common version of amplidyne generator Metadyne. Amplidynes were initially used for electric amplidyne generator and to point naval gunsand antiaircraft artillery radar such as SCR in A middle position of STOP acts as a safety feature in shifting the mount between power and manual.

The brushes are located generahor or near these points to take advantage of the maximum voltage.

The Amplidyne (General Electric Company)

Shipboard tests of automatic control equipment. As you have seen, the original generator produced a 10,watt output with a watt input.

It is capable of producing a controlled output power in the range of a few hundred to amplidyne generator few thousand watts with amplification of power in the range of 10, or more.

In effect, watts controls 10, watts. Basically, during the World War II era, there amplidyne generator too many options on offer, and these machines were amplidyne generator a class of their own.